How About Trying CBD On Our Veterans?

Despite the Federal government having multiple patents on CBD and other cannabinoids, it is the stated opinion or position, that Cannabis has no medical use. They did patent CBD and many other cannabinoids. There is also a pharmaceutical version of Cannabidiol, as “Sativex”, but regardless, the cannabinoids have no official endorsements; only federal patents.

Back to the point of this blog, many of our returning Veterans suffer from PTSD and many other mood disorders. These disorders are very likely to be benefitted by CBD based cannabinoid medicine.

Our government is most likely aware that CBD would help these folks, but are waiting for the right political and financial opportunity to release it. We have CBD NOW and we have Veterans with PTSD NOW. We need to find out NOW if it works.

I am proposing setting up a study to determine whether oral or oral-buccal CBD/THC dosable medications are useful for our Veterans for PTSD. The study entrants will have to be in possession of at least one year of medical records from the VA or other qualified medical source, documenting their diagnosis. Once a group of patients is assembled, a study, appropriate to the situation will be done.

There will be no fees for the patients’ evaluations or medications. If you know a veteran with at least one year of medical records, please have them write to:

-- Download How About Trying CBD On Our Veterans? as PDF --

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